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OnSight CBCT

Winner of the 2016 AuntMinnie Minnies Award for Best New Radiology Device

"The OnSight System has arrived. It's designed to provide pristine 3D images at the point of care—with an easy-open bore and patient access to allow weight-bearing studies not possible with traditional CT. Plus, site and install requirements are low to enable a fast, affordable, convenient imaging process for timely diagnosis and commencement of treatment. Ability to perform upper and lower extremity 3D exams, including weight bearing Wide door opening for easy, step-in patient access for weight-bearing exams Provides high-resolution 3D images that can help to reveal subtle or occult fractures Reduced dose compared to conventional CT systems Small footprint and simplified design to cut the time and cost of system installation, compared to conventional CT systems May be installed at the preferred location for patient treatment in your orthopaedic practice for convenient imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit" Carestream

DXR Compass Overhead Tube Crane (OTC)

"Just as a compass always points North, the CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System points the way to a successful future. It has just the right selection of advanced features and options to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency – it will meet your most pressing needs in the present, and provide a clear expansion pathway for the future." Carestream

DRX Ascend OTC

"Autotracking features allows ceiling tube stand to track with the table or wall stand in the Z axis allowing enhanced workflow and for the technologist to stay by the patient’s side. Simplify weight-bearing, cross-table and off-table studies with generous range of motion. Control tube stand positioning with fingertip switches on operator hand control. Release all tube stand locks for multi-directional adjustments with a single switch. Assure complete radiographic coverage with expansive longitudinal and transverse travel, column rotation, tube angulation and trunnion rotation. Rotating detector tray for table and wall stand allows for quick and controlled manual portrait/landscape rotation of the DRX detector without lifting it out of the tray. Share DRX wireless detectors with other DRX systems.” Carestream

DXR Ascend FMT

"The CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend has just the right option to meet your most pressing needs in the present, with a clear upgrade path for the future. All at a remarkably economical price. Whatever your starting point, your Ascend solution will deliver superb performance and a system that will grow along with you. Elevating Float-Top Table has a weight capacity of up to 650 lbs and accommodates patient types ranging from pediatrics to adults and wheelchair patients. Image with the wall stand, table or tabletop for single or dual detector scenarios." Carestream

DXR Revolution

"Digital radiology is on the move like never before with the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System. Powered by a wireless DRX detector, this x-ray room on wheels drives like a dream and gives you fast, high-quality images. So easy to maneuver, you can make a 360-degree turn effortlessly. An automatic collapsible column shrinks the system to just over four feet tall, giving you complete visibility when moving the system to any location. The powerful dual motor drive makes moving the system effortless—in forward or reverse. A long tubehead reach gives you easy access to the patient in crowded rooms. Two touch-screen displays enable prior image review, technique changes and image acceptance or rejection from either location." Carestream

DRX Plus DR Wireless

"The imaging solutions in the DRX Family are all designed around the remarkable X-Factor platform. A wireless DR detector simply slides into existing x-ray equipment and can be used with imaging systems throughout your facility. The detector is also the center point of the DRX Family–a complete line of innovative DR systems including full radiology rooms and mobile x-ray systems. Ability to share detectors between any DRX room or any mobile DRX system. Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs, DRX Plus 3543 and 4343 for general radiology or DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications." Carestream

DXR Core DR Panels

"Upgrade to the Benefits of Full Digital X-ray. The DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now-quickly, easily and economically. It slides into your existing CR systems-full X-ray rooms and mobile units-converting them to the speed and convenience of fully digital. You get all of the benefits of DR, with no need to compromise your current investment. Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs, DRX Core 3543 and 4343 for general radiology or DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose –sensitive applications." Carestream

Carestream ImageView

"The ImageView Software Platform is designed to dramatically improve imaging efficiency and security, by providing: - A common user interface across all Carestream image acquisition products - Fewer screen transitions for time savings and enhanced workflow - Built-in “Secure by Design” elements for intrusion protection and prevention." Carestream

Carestream DirectView

"The CR and DR compatible DIRECTVIEW V5 Software offers benefits for stakeholders throughout your facility. Technologists learn and use one common platform for more consistent exposures and less retakes and repeat exams. Radiologists get high-quality diagnostic images in less time. IT departments receive reliable and secure performance. Administrators see greater productivity and ROI. Patients receive faster diagnosis and enhanced care." Carestream

Carestream Image Suite

"Image Suite V4 Software has set a new benchmark for workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. This robust software features an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, an enhanced set of tools, streamlined workflow and improved image quality. Our advanced "mini-PACS" module allows superb image management and analysis, and is now fully optional. Get the high-quality images you need with a system that’s a perfect fit – at very affordable price." Carestream