Specialized systems for a specialized market.

Rayence DCX

"The Rayence DCX is coming and it will change the way Chiropractors buy X-Ray Rooms. For too long the X-ray room offered to Chiropractors has been the same. There is a new generation of Chiropractors coming out of school to a neighborhood near you and they expect more! they want an all DIGITAL room built to meet their specific needs. Rayence will soon have a solution, the Digital Chiropractic X-ray System (DCX for short).” Rayence

UMG Del Universal DCChoice

"The DCChoice is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital x-ray system that requires considerably less space than bulky CCD systems. The flat-panel detector is housed in our slim design wall stand with a depth of only 12.25 inches. The side mounted patient hand grips aide patient stabilization. A floor-wall / floor-ceiling tube stand with electromagnetic locks and angulating tube arm make image acquisition easy and efficient. ” UMG Del Medical

Konica Straight Arm DR

"The Straight Arm DR offers an advanced digital X-ray solution in an efficient and compact design. The system features a 17” x 17” detector for superior image quality. It allows for all imaging views, including wheelchair and table work for maximum patient flexibility.” Konica Minolta/p>


"DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the difficult decisions for you. Its advanced anatomical programming and image processing algorithms help optimize technologist productivity. DELWORKS strives to minimize human error and unwanted repeat exams to give technologists high quality images at a lower dose, with every exposure.” UMG Del Medical

Rayence Tethered 1717SGC

"The tethered 1717SGC/SCC detector is an economical solution that allows the user to experience the benefits of flat panel Digital Radiography. This detector possesses the thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes it effortless when it comes to fitting into standard cassette trays. In addition, use of a detector that is 17x17 inches provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated to accommodate views.” Rayence

Fuji D-EVO Tethered

"At 6 lbs, this 14 x 17" flat panel detector (FPD) is the lightest weight FPD in its category and its thin size presents an easy retrofit to existing analog rooms, making D-EVO ideal for all types of diagnostic environments. The D-EVO offers a fast and easy solution to any facility wanting to improve workflow and take advantage of what being digital has to offer. Just add the D-EVO to your existing Bucky and you are ready to go!” FUJIFILMl

Carestream Core DR

"Upgrade to the Benefits of Full Digital X-ray. The DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now-quickly, easily and economically. It slides into your existing CR systems-full X-ray rooms and mobile units-converting them to the speed and convenience of fully digital. You get all of the benefits of DR, with no need to compromise your current investment. Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs, DRX Core 3543 and 4343 for general radiology or DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose –sensitive applications." Carestream

Fuji Prima T2

"The Fuji Prima T2 is designed for smaller facilities with variable caseloads or remote applications with throughput speeds of up to 72 images/hour. It can supplement a DR room or offer redundancy when needed. Either way, there's a Fuji FCR to fit your needs and your space perfectly." FUJIFILM

Konica ImagePilot Sigma

"Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma – the entry level digital radiography solution. The All‐In‐One digital radiography solution specifically for low‐volume practices that take their diagnostic imaging seriously.” Konica Minolta

Rayence Xmaru ChiroViewer

"The Xmaru ChiroViewer comes with standard features like, DICOM Send, Image Stitching, DICOM Print, Export/Import JPEG and DVD/CD Burning with viewer. For disaster recovery, the Xmaru ChiroViewer is built with features like image backup/restore functions. An important feature on the Xmaru ChiroViewer is the short tutorial for measurement tools: allowing users not familiar with how to "draw" the measurement to become complete professionals. Each tutorial explains the function and usage of the tool.” Rayence