Imaging Accessories
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CleanScreen Kit

The CleanScreen kit will clean at least 500 imaging plates and is designed to work with all traditional CR plates and screens. Regular cleaning will ensure artifact-free images for the life of the IP.

New and Refurbished CR Cassettes

We offer both new and refurbished CR Cassettes to help extend the life of your CR Reader. Help eliminate poor image quality and artifacts by replacing or refurbishing your CR cassettes every 2 years.

X-Ray Grids

Improve Image Quality by adding the correct grid to your X-Ray System. X-Ray grids help produce sharper, clearer images by re-directing scatter radiation providing a more detailed image. Anti-scatter grids play a critical role in the radiographic imaging. Grids are available in 103 LPI, 178 LPI, 200 LPI and 215 LPI.


"The Protect-A-Grid® grid encasement is an all enclosed polycarbonate Lexan™ fabrication designed to reduce the chance of incidental grid damage from atypical handling. With sleek designs and curved corners, PAG fabrications can be easily slid under patients and/or stood upright for cross-table examinations. Depending on staff preference, we have four unique styles of Protect-A-Grids; with Channels, Drop-On, Flat and with Handles.." ReinaImaging

Protect-A-Grid® 2

"The Protect-A-Grid® 2 grid encasement boasts a thin, lightweight construction. Made from a combination of aluminum and vinyl, the 2nd generation of PAG protects your grid from incidental bumps, scratches, or contaminants that could occur in the field. Depending on staff preferences, this product is made to order with three unique styles; Drop-On, with Channels, or Flat encasement.." ReinaImaging

Protect-A-Grid® DRP

"The Protect-A-Grid® DR panel grid encasement allows for safe and effective grid examinations within the direct radiographic modality. The PAG-DRP is custom fit to every OEM’s model of DR panel. Allow for superlative image detail and contrast with the PAG-DRP grid encasement. Select from our list of manufacturers to learn more about your specific model." ReinaImaging

DRP Weight Distribution Cap

"The DRP Weight Distribution Cap protects your imaging investment by distributing the weight of the patient away from the sensitive DR panel. Primarily for standing feet exams, the Weight Distribution Cap is custom fabricated for every OEM’s DR panel, and features a quick and easy snap-on application creating a simple user-friendly system." ReinaImaging

ReinaImaging DR Positioning Partner

"The Mobile DR Panel Positioning Partner provides stability, versatility and reliability when positioning DR panels for portable radiography. Perpendicularity is crucial during cross-table exams and expensive panels are heavier than their imaging receptor predecessors – the Positioning Partner allows the tech to positioning effectively while achieving optimal images for a variety of radiographs. With its small footprint and counterbalanced base, the mobile DR panel holder is easy to drape for surgery and will not tip. It can be used in surgery, imaging centers, clinics and exam rooms." ReinaImaging

Mobile CR DR Plate Holder

Mobile unit includes a vertical range from bottom of image receptor from floor to 54". Posi-lock height adjustable arm with spring loaded pin. 24" H-Base with locking casters is broad to prevent tipping. NEW bilateral clamp safely secures imaging receptors in place. Channel is 1.5" deep to accept grids and caps. Will accept image receptors 13.5 - 20.5" wide, no height limitations and will hold up to 22 lbs

DRP Table Top Holder

"Taking shoot-through exams was difficult enough with conventional radiography – now with the advent of mobile DR the image receptor has become larger, more cumbersome and increasingly heavy. The DRP Table Top Holder allows the radiographer to position the DR panel with ease and precision. Custom fabricated for all OEM’s DR panels the DRP-TTH can also be angled caudal and cephalic depending on the examination.." ReinaImaging