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High quality imaging at a cost effective price

UMG Del Medical DFMTPS

"The new DFMTPS increases patient care by allowing the user to stay with the patient while accessing full generator control options from the easy-to-use touch screen console. The DFMTPS only requires a floor mounted rail for support and can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 87”. It is an ideal choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the need for costly room modifications.” UMG Del Medical

UMG Del Medical DFMT

"This tube stand only requires a floor mounted rail for support and can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 87”. It is an ideal choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the need for costly room modifications.” UMG Del Medicall

Carestream DXR Ascend FMT

"The Carestream DRX-Ascend has just the right option to meet your most pressing needs in the present, with a clear upgrade path for the future. All at a remarkably economical price. Whatever your starting point, your Ascend solution will deliver superb performance and a system that will grow along with you. Elevating Float-Top Table has a weight capacity of up to 650 lbs and accommodates patient types ranging from pediatrics to adults and wheelchair patients. Image with the wall stand, table or tabletop for single or dual detector scenarios." Carestream

Konica Straight Arm DR

"The Straight Arm DR offers an advanced digital X-ray solution in an efficient and compact design. The system features a 17” x 17” detector for superior image quality. It allows for all imaging views, including wheelchair and table work for maximum patient flexibility.” Konica Minolta


"FDR D-EVO flat panel detectors easily convert your existing x-ray equipment to DR, allowing you to continue performing everything from routine upright and table exams to cross table and just about any free-positioning exam with ease. Lightweight and slim, Fujifilm's DR detectors easily fit standard cassette holders and bucky devices with no modifications, quickly making a room DR-capable with incredible versatility and the capacity to produce exceptional images.” FUJIFILM

Carestream DRX Core DR Wireless

"Upgrade to the Benefits of Full Digital X-ray. The DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now-quickly, easily and economically. It slides into your existing CR systems-full X-ray rooms and mobile units-converting them to the speed and convenience of fully digital. You get all of the benefits of DR, with no need to compromise your current investment. Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs, DRX Core 3543 and 4343 for general radiology or DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose –sensitive applications." Carestream

Konica AeroDR

"The lightweight, wireless AeroDR 14”x17” panel weighs only 6.3 lbs. and incorporates a unique battery design for extended life and short charge cycles. AeroDR provides either a Universal Fit solution for converting existing analog rooms to digital suites, or a full room radiography solution when combined with a new x-ray purchase. With a detector design that fits existing wall stands and bucky trays without modifications, AeroDR helps a facility maximize its investment in existing X-ray imaging equipment by delivering a truly universal fit digital imaging solution.” Konica Minolta


"DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the difficult decisions for you. Its advanced anatomical programming and image processing algorithms help optimize technologist productivity. DELWORKS strives to minimize human error and unwanted repeat exams to give technologists high quality images at a lower dose, with every exposure.” UMG Del Medical

Fuji FCR XL-2

"The Fuji FCR XL-2 is ideal for lower volume clinics with a speed of up to 92 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. "With that flexibility, the Fuji XL-2 is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods. The XL-2 also features a 50 micron Reading Mode* for sharp, excellent detail — ideal for extremity exams or anywhere that seeing fine details is critical." FUJIFILM

Konica Regius CR

"Konica Minolta Regius Nano P system is a high performance system that offers compact size and dependability! Processing 60 (14"x 17") plates per hour, the Konica Minolta Regius Nano P lets you take care of more patients in less time. The Konica Minolta Regius Nano P features intelligent control station software with auto recognition and self learning capabilities. You will be able to generate high quality diagnostic images with minimal training and fewer steps for improved workflow. Konica Minolta CS-7 Console include 3 second image preview times, full generator controls, user friendly interface and touch screen monitor and keyboard” Konica Minolta


"EvoView PACS is a diagnostic image management solution comprised of technologies and capabilities to provide professionals with an intuitive, powerful platform aimed to improve workflow efficiency and patient care in today’s healthcare environment. EvoView can be installed on ANY designated workstation, or accessed via your favorite web-browser while imploring user-level customizations and defaults. EvoView also features many useful tools and methods for sharing image and result information. This includes built-in integration methods with other pertinent healthcare components like RIS or EMR, and an available Referring Physician Portal. Users can share access to images with any other user or outside physician as needed while maintaining a fully secure environment.” UMG Del Medical

Carestream Image Suite

"Image Suite V4 Software has set a new benchmark for workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. This robust software features an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, an enhanced set of tools, streamlined workflow and improved image quality. Our advanced "mini-PACS" module allows superb image management and analysis, and is now fully optional. Get the high-quality images you need with a system that’s a perfect fit – at very affordable price." Carestream