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Rayence XR5

"Enhance both staff workflow and the patient experience with auto tracking of the vertical wall stand and table Bucky detector movements. Requiring no special ceiling orelectrical preparation, the XR5 can be installed in rooms with dimensions of just 13 feet wide by 13 feet deep by 8 feet high and 208-240VAC line voltage. Available auto tracking capability, elevating table, and a variety of power hardware upgrades, this cost-effective system is well suited for all X-ray exam types as well as imaging ” Rayence

Rayence RU-3000

"This unique U-arm features a compact design with dual telescoping arm movement that permits installation in settings having ceiling heights of just eight (8) feet. Its fully motorized movements for SID, arm rotation, height, and detector angle can be automatically programmed to user-specific radiographic positions utilizing the intuitive touch-screen located tube side, a hand held remote control, or by using the technologist workstation. Complemented by a durable bucky design with an easily removable grid, automatic collimation, patient safety anti-collision sensors, and an available mobile table, the RU-3000 is full featured and well-suited for all imaging environments, especially orthopedics, imaging centers, and urgent care.” Rayence

Rayence C-Series DR

"The new, ergonomically designed Rayence C-Series Cesium Iodide and Gadolinium Oxysulfide wireless detectors are designed to offer new levels of handling and functionality. This water-resistant detector has built-in storage that can store up to 100 images. A seamless, carbon-fiber unibody construction is shock, vibration, and scratch-resistant making it well-suited for the most demanding imaging environments. Maintain battery life throughout the day using an optional magnetic battery charger connector installed in the Bucky tray cabinet. With this configuration, the battery will charge without removing it and placing it in a separate charger. .” Rayence

Rayence 1417WGC/WCC

"The 1417WGC/WCC detectors are ideal for in-room and portable applications by providing increased workflow effficiency in the X-ray room and beyond. Its durable carbon-fiber, seamless unibody construction combined with a shock, vibration and scratch resistant composition makes it well-suited for the most demanding imaging environments.” Rayence

Rayence Tethered 1717SGC/SCC

"The tethered 1717SGC/SCC detector is an economical solution that allows the user to experience the benefits of flat panel Digital Radiography. This detector possesses the thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes it effortless when it comes to fitting into standard cassette trays. In addition, use of a detector that is 17x17 inches provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated to accommodate views.” Rayence

Rayence DCX

"The Rayence DCX is coming and it will change the way Chiropractors buy X-Ray Rooms. For too long the X-ray room offered to Chiropractors has been the same. There is a new generation of Chiropractors coming out of school to a neighborhood near you and they expect more! they want an all DIGITAL room built to meet their specific needs. Rayence will soon have a solution, the Digital Chiropractic X-ray System (DCX for short).” Rayence

Rayence MyVet i72W

"The MyVet x-ray table is a revolutionary design that delivers silent elevation to provide comfort and stability for the patient. The MyVet x-ray table is a cost-effective and workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital radiographic imaging for your practice. The large format 17”x17” detectors provide a faster and more streamlined approach to digital radiography imaging. Unlike a traditional 14”x17” film size, a full field of view 17”x17” format eliminates the need to rotate a detector for large animals and body parts..” Rayence

Rayence Xmaru ChiroViewer

"The Xmaru ChiroViewer comes with standard features like, DICOM Send, Image Stitching, DICOM Print, Export/Import JPEG and DVD/CD Burning with viewer. For disaster recovery, the Xmaru ChiroViewer is built with features like image backup/restore functions. An important feature on the Xmaru ChiroViewer is the short tutorial for measurement tools: allowing users not familiar with how to "draw" the measurement to become complete professionals. Each tutorial explains the function and usage of the tool.” Rayence

Rayence Xmaru VetView

"Rayence introduces their latest acquisition software for the veterinary market, the Xmaru VetView. The Xmaru VetView console is at the heart of what drives the Xmaru Panel Series to its full potential. Xmaru VetView uses the industry’s best animal image algorithm parameters for the highest quality diagnostic images. Designed with workflow and efficiency in mind, the Xmaru VetView was developed specifically for the veterinary environments.” Rayence

Rayence Xmaru PodView

"Xmaru PodView is Rayence’s acquisition designed specifically for the podiatric practice. The Xmaru PodView console is the most advance image processing system available to today’s podiatrist and foot & ankle surgeons. Designed with workflow and efficiency in mind, the Xmaru PodView was developed specifically with lower extremities in mind. The Xmaru PodView provides advanced measure tools such as Inter-Metatarsal Angle andHallux-Abductus Angle standard.” Rayence