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Del Medical Overhead Tube Crane (OTC)

"Precisely designed to withstand high-volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and large orthopedic facilities with the need to perform a broad range of radiographic studies. Its overhead horizontal and transverse tracks provide technologists with limitless imaging procedure capability, including cross-table laterals and other challenging views. Available with touch screen console, large, 8.4 inch LCD touch screen display, auto-tracking to the image receptor, vertical Auto-Tracking capability and an industry leading patient weight capacity of up to 800 lbs” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical DFMTPS

"The new DFMTPS increases patient care by allowing the user to stay with the patient while accessing full generator control options from the easy-to-use touch screen console. The DFMTPS only requires a floor mounted rail for support and can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 87”. It is an ideal choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the need for costly room modifications.” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical DFMT

"This tube stand only requires a floor mounted rail for support and can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 87”. It is an ideal choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the need for costly room modifications.” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical Vision R C-Arm

"The Vision R is a surgical, feature-rich mobile system designed to perform a wide range of fluoroscopic applications. Its refined movement capabilities, high resolution, and dose efficiency make it a smart solution for procedures in surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiology, and pain management. With variable pulse widths, the Vision R can handle all general surgery applications ranging from catheter placement to cardiac operations. Easily capture objects at up to 30 frames per second to achieve the highest quality images without missing a moment. In addition, the Vision R offers 9” or optional 12” image intensifiers to better accommodate digital subtraction angiography (DSA) procedures.” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical MDR

"Powered by an on-board 40kW high frequency generator, 300kHu X-ray tube, and the user-friendly DELWORKS image acquisition workstation, the MDR is intended to be an all-inclusive mobile imaging solution. The compact collapsible column of the MDR makes it easy for operators to navigate through crowded spaces without the visual obstruction of a standard column. ystem controls are conveniently placed on the tube head to allow subtle forward, backward, right and left movement to deliver added precision when setting up bedside examinations. This functionality prevents the need for the operator to return to the drive handle. The DELWORKS driven MDR workstation acts as a control hub by seamlessly integrating all system components. This allows technologists to easily view and continuously monitor all vital generator and detector information directly from a large 19” touchscreen monitor. Its high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles provide technologists with superior viewing capability.” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical U-Arm

"Del Medical U-Arm Systems are designed for use in hospital emergency rooms, orthopaedic and all general radiographic applications. The U-Arm maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle. The extraordinary flexibility of this system makes it ideal for all radiographic procedures including sitting, erect and recumbent positions.” UMG Del Medical

UMG Delworks EDR

"DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the difficult decisions for you. Its advanced anatomical programming and image processing algorithms help optimize technologist productivity. DELWORKS strives to minimize human error and unwanted repeat exams to give technologists high quality images at a lower dose, with every exposure.” UMG Del Medical


"EvoView PACS is a diagnostic image management solution comprised of technologies and capabilities to provide professionals with an intuitive, powerful platform aimed to improve workflow efficiency and patient care in today’s healthcare environment. EvoView can be installed on ANY designated workstation, or accessed via your favorite web-browser while imploring user-level customizations and defaults. EvoView also features many useful tools and methods for sharing image and result information. This includes built-in integration methods with other pertinent healthcare components like RIS or EMR, and an available Referring Physician Portal. Users can share access to images with any other user or outside physician as needed while maintaining a fully secure environment.” UMG Del Medical

Del Medical FWFC

"The Del Medical Rotating Tube Stand offers versatility and ease of handling for general radiography. The FWFC Tube Stand is designed to facilitate the wide range of procedures common to hospitals, satellite hospitals, ambulatory care centers and group practice facilities. An affordable price and short payback period easily satisfy budget concerns.” UMG Del Medical

Universal DC Choice

"The DCChoice is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital x-ray system that requires considerably less space than bulky CCD systems. The flat-panel detector is housed in our slim design wall stand with a depth of only 12.25 inches. The side mounted patient hand grips aide patient stabilization. A floor-wall / floor-ceiling tube stand with electromagnetic locks and angulating tube arm make image acquisition easy and efficient. ” UMG Del Medical

Universal AVChoice

"AVChoice systems are equipped with an integrated tube stand with variable SID and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing a cost effective and time saving solution for the veterinarian who seeks maximum capability in minimal space.” UMG Del Medical